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  • 15090 La Palma Drive, Chino, CA USA 91710
  • Open: Tuesday - Saturday 9:00am-5:00pm(PST)
  • Tel: (951) 284-3555
  • Fax: (909) 287-0744
  • Email:

About Us

Hi, I'm Jeff Williams, owner of CALIFORNIA CORVAIRS. I've been a Corvair
enthusiast for over 20 years. My 1st 'Vair was a 1963 convertible - I bought it
in 1984 and have been hooked ever since. In time, I learned how to repair and
maintain my cars, joined CORSA (Corvair Society of America), and
became actively involved in SoCal's local Corvair network. Before long, I was
being asked to help other Corvair owners with their vehicle repairs as well.
This simple background culminated in CALIFORNIA CORVAIRS, which
opened to the public in 1998. Today we are located in a beautiful modern
building in Chino, California.

Today, CALIFORNIA CORVAIRS has an active membership
with CORSA and 3 local Corvair clubs. Our on-site maintenance
and repair service enjoys a loyal, growing group of local and worldwide Corvair owners.

The friendships I've made with other Corvair enthusiasts over
the years is something I'm very proud of, and I'm flattered by
the reputation we've established at CALIFORNIA CORVAIRS.
I think owning a Corvair should be an absolute blast, and look
forward to helping you any way I can to keep your Corvair on
the road!