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Railey Engine Nov 12, 2013


1. 4 hrs. engine case prep w/case bolt O-rings
2. Micropolished standard or .010 crankshaft with rod & main bearings, hub sleeve installed, distributor gear, fuel pump eccentric and oil slinger (pilot bushing if required)
3. Rebuilt connecting rods w/new cast pistons and new pins installedscotty5.15.1
4. New cast piston rings fitted to new pistons and matching rebored cylinders
5. New billet cam gear w/GM washer on reground CC-304 camshaft 194 duration 257 lift (other cams are available)
ENGINEREBUILD.billetGear.CC.Jan20166. New Melling deep dimple lifters
7. Rebuilt crankcase cover w/new fan bearing, install oil cooler (tested) with new Viton seals
8. Install powdercoated top shroud, mag fan, cylinder baffles, oil pan, pushrod tubes, oil pan, painted RH & LH rear air duct assemblies, front and rear cylinder head shrouds, front & side shrouds and install rubber engine perimeter seals (1960-64 only)
9. Machine and install new deep valve seats (intake & exhaust)
10. Install new bronze alloy valve guides
11. Install new intake & exhaust valves
12. Assemble with new HD (80-90 psi) valve springs
13. Weld, drill, rethread or insert any damaged threaded holes including spark plugs, valve cover and sheetmetal screws
14. Mill valve cover rails & surface head gasket seat areas scotty5.15.3
15. Perform five-angle valve grind and final assembly of cylinder heads
16. Assemble cylinder heads onto engine with new gaskets, Viton o-rings and seals
17. Assemble valvetrain with new pushrods, GM rocker arms, pivots and fasteners
18. Clean, prepare and assemble rear housing with new oil pump and pressure relief spring and rear seal
19. Install rebuilt rear housing onto engine with new gasket and install rebuilt harmonic balancer
20. Clean and prepare oil filter adapter with new oil pressure sender, mini wiring harness, gasket, new alternator, rebuilt idler pulley, fanbelt and guard
21. Install clean and inspected bell housing with new crank seal and gasket
22. Install rebuilt distributor, HD points plate, tune-up kit, spark plugs, spark plug wires and ignition coil w/bracket
23. Fully disassemble, glass bead blast carburetors (2) and rebuild each carb to include new throttle shafts, needle & seats, jets, filters, gaskets and seals and choke pull-offs
24. Install carbs onto engine with new base insulators and gaskets, upper choke rods, clips, lower rods, heat coils (cyl. head) and carburetor cross shaft, linkages, retainers and return spring
25. Install new fuel pump, fittings, tee, fuel inlet, RH & LH carburetor fuel lines and 4-hole grommetCarlson1Kendall09.29.2014.1
26. Install cleaned and prepared balance tube with new hoses and crankcase vent pipes with hoses
27. Install cleaned and prepared RH & LH exhaust manifolds with new packings
28. Install painted air cleaner assembly (various types available) w/new filter(s) brackets, fasteners and gaskets
29. Test run engine for 30 min. @1800 rpm make adjustments as needed
30. Prepare engine onto wooden pallet for transport

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